Mercedes W211 E220 CDI vs. Mercedes W211 E280 CDI 🚘vs🚖

10 Mär 2021
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Mercedes Benz S211 E220 CDI OM646 150HP ( 2003) vs. W211 E280CDI OM642 (2009)
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  • 220 sport modus 280 comfort modus 😂

    Brot PilotBrot PilotVor 5 Tage
  • Can you do e270 vs e280????

    Psycho ManiacPsycho ManiacVor 11 Tage
    • 280 is slower then 270

      Glenn KooijmanGlenn KooijmanVor 11 Tage
  • 280cdi 190hp 220cdi 170hp

    MB_ Tronic7MB_ Tronic7Vor 23 Tage
    • E220 from 2006 is 170hp , on reystaling model....

      Neso MadzarevicNeso MadzarevicVor 18 Tage
  • Temperatura😆

    Oliver StankovicOliver StankovicVor Monat
  • W210 e220 cdi is amazing

    ДушанДушанVor Monat
  • Ohohohooho

    One man armyOne man armyVor Monat
  • Si pero el 2.2 cual el 150 CV o el 170 cv

    Manuel BuzonManuel BuzonVor Monat
  • Thank you for your video! At least I saw that my e220 can go 200 km/h. Max speed in the UK is 70 mil/h.

    Laszlo VascsinecLaszlo VascsinecVor Monat
  • Is the same car engine but in different mode drive (sport-classic)

    Στέλιος ΣτστΣτέλιος ΣτστVor Monat
  • Beide Müll🤣

    Gio MzGio MzVor Monat
  • I have started making pov videos also feel free to check it out

    Marcus Svean FlatenMarcus Svean FlatenVor Monat
  • 280cdi 190ps vs 220cdi 170ps

    Rooben BoossiRooben BoossiVor Monat
  • E320 CDI ?

  • Still no change in meter dials

    siril c thomassiril c thomasVor Monat
  • Total 680k km

    TheFunkyairTheFunkyairVor Monat
  • 280-й двигатель нового поколения, 220 старого поколения. Сравните 280 и 220 на 170 л.с om646.821 вот с таким двигателем

    Николай БабюкНиколай БабюкVor Monat
  • Der 220er ist ein Kombi und der 280er ne Limo. Macht den Unterschied noch größer.

    G GG GVor Monat
  • If this cars will arrive in Romania they will have unde 200.000km 😂😂 pure magic.

    One MilionOne MilionVor Monat
    • @nusuntalecs yes 100% legit no cheat

      RalfRalfVor Monat
    • @Ralf you can verify it in reprezentanta and I accept any test boss car is very good

      nusuntalecsnusuntalecsVor Monat
    • @nusuntalecs I have even Mercedes stats 100% real this car has 150.000km

      RalfRalfVor Monat
    • Its 180.000 real 100% boss i have carte service

      nusuntalecsnusuntalecsVor Monat
  • 380.000 km ffs

    EST19 XXEST19 XXVor Monat
    • @Dragan Živković 100.000 km makes a lot of difference in that race. Im not saying 380.000 km makes the car unusable, indeed it works pretty well you don’t even notice, but in a race that makes difference clearly

      EST19 XXEST19 XXVor Monat
    • That's nothing my dad has w210 e200 cdi with 750.000km

      Dragan ŽivkovićDragan ŽivkovićVor Monat
  • Man achte auf die Laufleistung der beiden 😂

    DietrichDietrichVor Monat

    عبود متنوعةعبود متنوعةVor Monat
  • 🐓

    alekgamer87alekgamer87Vor Monat
  • Mercedes its TOP👍👍👍👍

  • Testing in different conditions and the 220 in sport and the 280 in comfort

    BramBramVor Monat
    • @abi kopi my e220 have c/s 2004 model

      th0fth0fVor Monat
    • yes, S is not always SPORT, it can be standard or summer :)

      MichaczMichaczVor Monat
    • At beginning of video, you can see that year production is different

      abi kopiabi kopiVor Monat
    • 220 is the old model2003-2005( s\summer and w \winter) while the new model after 2005 have (s\sport and c\comfort)

      abi kopiabi kopiVor Monat
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Аlik AMiribyanАlik AMiribyanVor Monat
  • Ab 200 km/h wird der Tacho vom E280 CDI zum Automatik Chronographen.

    MysterionMysterionVor Monat
  • 388.000km das waren noch Zeiten

    ScarfaceScarfaceVor Monat
    • Ohja. Und heutzutage die ganzen neuen scheiß Kisten schaffen gerade einmal 150.000 km und alles was danach kommt da fallen die auseinander

      SörenSörenVor 23 Tage
    • Schau mal bei Mobile rein. die Taxis haben zT. biblische Km-Stände, wundert mich zwar auch aber so schlecht scheinen die Motoren gar nicht zu sein

      Diamant Fox S.R.LDiamant Fox S.R.LVor Monat
  • 220 CDI 150 or 170hp?

    kenneth61kenneth61Vor Monat
    • 150 hp at @0:04

      InTeCredoInTeCredoVor Monat
  • Why 280 its on c and 220 on s

    Valeri MilchevValeri MilchevVor Monat
    • No matter when is full throttle...

      Ivan DžajaIvan DžajaVor Monat
  • 没有对比就没有伤害!~~

    羊羊羊羊羊羊Vor Monat
  • E220cdi is just too slow the e280 is okay

    EmmiEmmiVor Monat
  • Great concept!!

    Søren OlsenSøren OlsenVor Monat
  • Quite a difference in temperature...but still...they are quite slow.

    1valg1valgVor Monat
  • Hi can you video with a fiat Bravo 198 150hp

    hamza haidarhamza haidarVor Monat
  • Какие скромные пробеги)

    Daniil_spbDaniil_spbVor Monat
    • Они не скромные они нормальные просто в Германии мало кто уменьшает пробег Это незаконно и можно получить статью и уголовное дело потому что это фальсификация и подтверждение неправды до полтора года лишения свободы точка например в Польше каждый год при то-2 пишется пробег если будет так что пробег уменьшился в это время А ты нон-стоп владел этой машины Ну тогда машину забирают на экспертизу А тебя сажают в СИЗО. К и поэтому у нас нет у машин 2005 года с пробегом 125000. КВР Мании пробег на Пассате с 2002 2004 года 405000 км Это норм Потому что если кто-то покупает себе дизель он этого не делает чтобы просто он стоял на месте

      Arcadio LoganoffArcadio LoganoffVor Monat
    • Эти движки 500+ ходят)

      Dmitry SDmitry SVor Monat
  • Go w164 w163

    True SureTrue SureVor Monat
  • why not from "0"? Thanks for the vid though

    Dmitry SDmitry SVor Monat
  • Nothing special

    RuslanRuslanVor Monat
    • @Ruslan I thought it was nothing special? The important thing for you is that you have to know everything and nothing is special for you. Go import a left hand drive old shitbox village dream car from UK and feel special like the typical eastern european specialist with old shitbox from 20-30 years ago with the opposite steering wheel

      Kristiyan IvanovKristiyan IvanovVor Monat
    • @Arbri he absolutely deserves those attacks for the toilet Mitsubishi shitbox but come on, don’t bullshit- thats not the top speed

      Kristiyan IvanovKristiyan IvanovVor Monat
    • @Arbri 1250 kg. weights Carisma 1.8 engine and w210 E220 cdi 2151 engine. of course Mercedes will be faster.

      RuslanRuslanVor Monat
    • @Ruslan so 213 km/h in a Mitsubishi with 125hp that weights less than 1.2 tonnes? My w210 E220 cdi 125hp which weights more than 1.6 tonnes and with 400.000 kms can still reach 230 km/h

      ArbriArbriVor Monat
    • @Ruslan The top speed for E 280 CDI is 241 km/h, which is astoundingly faster than your shitty Mitsubishi Carisma!

      InTeCredoInTeCredoVor Monat
  • Scotty kilmer cant believe the mileage on these 2 mercs 🤣🤣🤣

    Fake NewsFake NewsVor Monat
    • Merc hating + sponsored video = Scotty Kilmer haha

      Dominic BellDominic BellVor 19 Tage
    • This milage is nothing for this engines,no downsizing makes them good.

      KrokodylowyPanTaviKrokodylowyPanTaviVor 23 Tage
    • They are new!!!

      Eju EjEju EjVor 27 Tage
    • Guess How much 💸💰 went down the drain to fix and maintain them through out the whole mileage 😂😂

      AryubAryubVor 29 Tage
    • Merc cdi diesels are great. heck scotty(love his channel) my dad has 270 with about 400k runs without problems, drives at 180 km/h without raising temps

      ირაკლი ყაველაშვილიირაკლი ყაველაშვილიVor Monat