18 Dez 2020
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INFINITAS Hurricane BMW M5 F90 1000HP 4WD Top Speed Autobahn POV Driving (No Speed Limit)
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'Top Speed Germany' is a German DEhave channel for people who love cars.
My Name is Max and I film while driving cars. No matter if they are old, fast, loud or electric. They need to be special! With several onboard cams, I record everything important to show you High-Speed-Runs, Acceleration tests ( 0-100 kph / 0-200 kph / 100-200 kph / 200-300 kph ) and test drives on German Autobahn or Road. Please note, Germany is the country of "no speed limit" highways. So in some places, it's allowed to drive very fast. But please don't try this if you are not an experienced driver !! If you enjoy give a like and subscribe for more videos ;-) .

  • 1000ps =300km/H GPS not big ,not good

    Roóbert TóthRoóbert TóthVor 3 Stunden
  • Für 1000 PS aber nicht die Wucht.

    Tomek MotekTomek MotekVor 18 Stunden
  • What are those red buttons on the steering wheel?

    SarajevoSarajevoVor 19 Stunden
  • Nice

    ColdBoltzColdBoltzVor Tag
  • 😍🥰

  • My m6 e63 with 850 HP IS GUICKER AFTER 270 KILOMETER. And endspeed 355 gps

    kk ggkk ggVor 10 Tage
  • Broom Broom!

    Billie Piper’s TeethBillie Piper’s TeethVor 13 Tage
  • Definitely Euro6 (or whatever number they’re on) compliant

    FryChickenFryChickenVor 15 Tage
  • Lol

    Belkisa HalilovicBelkisa HalilovicVor 15 Tage
  • I also love this watch ⌚

    Boss HugoBoss HugoVor 16 Tage
  • Why if a car stop suddenly will you be able to slow down and avoid the accident?

    misterPAINMAKERmisterPAINMAKERVor 18 Tage
  • Did someone leave the boot open at the start?

    Stephen WhitemoreStephen WhitemoreVor 24 Tage
  • I can feel the power in my heart from here on my bed 🤗🤗👍

    Marc FoucardMarc FoucardVor 25 Tage
  • sounds like a 2.0 tfsi. Not like a V8. Only loud. E63, 6200ccm v8 has the best sound a. best Engine ever. It is not difficult to tune a biturbo car. You can simply push higher the turbo pressure. The realy difficalt engineer tuning is only a normal v8 without turbo or compressor. Thats technologie. For 1000 hp is very slow.

    Borillka GézaBorillka GézaVor 27 Tage
  • Pretty pedestrian ngl waiting for 1200HP

    V8V8Vor 29 Tage
  • Is it just me or is this thing cammed?

    Demetri DennisDemetri DennisVor Monat
  • 20

    Mary saldivarMary saldivarVor Monat

    Elpatrone Epatrone89Elpatrone Epatrone89Vor Monat
  • Caralhooooooo tô virando a madruga vendo esse canal pqp 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Fábio Honorato Fábio HonoratoFábio Honorato Fábio HonoratoVor Monat
  • Just little bit quicker than my bmw e36

    KamkacKamkacVor Monat
  • animal.

    Ali Karaer.Ali Karaer.Vor Monat
  • Little slower than my lupo 1800hp, so cute

    Mister ArnaxMister ArnaxVor Monat
  • such people should be forbidden to walk on the street and not to drive on the highway, because such brainless people do not think about how they will kill 10 more people

    Eldin ImamovicEldin ImamovicVor Monat
  • The best car ever am BMW FAN!!!!!!

    Stefan AleksovskiStefan AleksovskiVor Monat
  • Verdammt ja

    Eric NulphEric NulphVor Monat
  • Deutschland über alles

    KabiKabiVor Monat
  • сколько 100-200 и 200-300?

    АлексейАлексейVor Monat
  • 😱😱😭😭😭❤❤❤❤💯💯💯👍👍👍👍💙💙💙💙😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚😚😚😚😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

    karwan ahmadkarwan ahmadVor Monat
  • Голимле фуфло 1000 сил, на автомате, шлак а не видео

    Владимир ДоронинВладимир ДоронинVor Monat
  • Only in germany!

    NeinDochOohh!NeinDochOohh!Vor Monat
  • only 310kmh top speed with car 1000hp is so small😭🤦‍♀️

    The BeastThe BeastVor Monat
  • Automatic shift, really? They could like have shifting sticks or something on the steer wheel like the F1's

    DojiDojiVor Monat
  • romani ?

    STF- robertSTF- robertVor Monat
  • This car is something,

    Al greenAl greenVor Monat
  • Itd be kinda cool to see the coolant temps when he does the hard runs.

    blacjack1151blacjack1151Vor Monat
  • It's strange...usually cars with 1.000hp,are faster and more dramatic I think that this Bimmer,don't have 1.000hp...maybe 650/700hp You followers, remember the red Mercedes!? That was epic... Remember the 2 AUDi!!?? Those were awesome and scary Cheers to everybody

    Miguel JalesMiguel JalesVor Monat
  • There is definitely something restricting the power at 310 + i think its this zf8speed trans

    jason apontejason aponteVor Monat
  • I Can See the Hood starting to vibrate at 270kmH lol

    StreeLgamingStreeLgamingVor Monat
  • 😍

    steveodarkosteveodarkoVor Monat
  • Grip hatte denn auch!

    1 11 1Vor Monat
  • Omg that thing is not that fast tbh... Expected more for 1000HP!

    Stingray ttStingray ttVor Monat
  • 3:20 you blink, you die.

    One TruthOne TruthVor Monat
  • POV: your a KID

    Helande RHelande RVor Monat
  • Imagine winning a million from the lotto than losing the damn paper and watching these videos, well thats me.

    Big OBig OVor Monat
    • @knightRider997 for real man, sad shit 😢

      Big OBig OVor Monat
    • WTF Are you for real?

      knightRider997knightRider997Vor Monat
  • The Sound 🤢 The Design 🤮

    Kapitän zur SeeKapitän zur SeeVor Monat
  • speedlimit coming bra

    DR BNDR BNVor Monat
  • Cant be too much of a test drive because you are not allowed to drive uncertified cars on public rowds so some kind of certification was already given or the whole story is illegal here XD

    someonesomewheresomeonesomewhereVor Monat
  • Ein C63 AMG Blacksieres mit 1200 PS wenn er getunte ist würde denn BMW locker platt machen aber man muss sagen der BMW ist auch krass

  • Zimny łokieć => kierowca z Polski rodem... :)

    jo44 xssinskijo44 xssinskiVor Monat
  • Für mich wirkt das Ganze irgendwie großkotzig/arrogant: Die weißen Stoffhandschuhe und den Arm so blöd am Fenster abgelegt wirkt schon ziemlich "drüber". Dass das Auto schneller ist als der normale Durchschnitt war wohl zu erwarten, dennoch habe ich aber andere Fahrzeuge mit ähnlicher Leistung gesehen, die weitaus schneller waren als dieses.

    Peter PanPeter PanVor Monat
  • How does he not get scared? The fastest I’ve driven a car is 70miles per hour which is like 112 kilometres per hour, and I’m super cautious. This guy is driving 300kmh as if it’s a video game, fair play for not being scared knowing that one mistake will result in 💀🪦at that speed.

    The World Is YoursThe World Is YoursVor Monat
  • Meh. My prius is way faster

    the real bigfootthe real bigfootVor Monat
  • Don't be such a show off. Handle the steering wheel with respect. Get your elbow down. You are not farming. High speed driving needs the foremost humbling attention. Remove excessive clothing when driving. They are obstructing you from having freedom of movement. Otherwise good content.

    Nikolaos KoutsogiorgosNikolaos KoutsogiorgosVor Monat
  • I'm scared of your videos

    Do NDo NVor Monat
  • Check his fuel level in beging and ending )))

    TapchTapchVor Monat
  • TESTDRIVE ON GERMAN AUTOBAHN?????. Wollen wir wieder einen haben, der in der Zeitung steht, weil er es nicht gebremst bekam? Idioten wie Du lernen es nie. Und vor Gericht tut es ihnen dann leid....sowas aber auch

    A BA BVor Monat
  • Stabiel

    Dennis DingemanseDennis DingemanseVor Monat
  • Sheeesshhh thang zoomin🙆🏾‍♂️🔥💨

    Fredwurd McQueenFredwurd McQueenVor Monat
  • Che chiavica di auto 😑😑😑👎🏻

    simovexsimovexVor Monat
  • Follow the 10 commandments Christians and ask for forgiveness so you go to heaven

    Yup DupYup DupVor Monat
  • Бааааааааааах!!! Ты труп!!!

    ᜰꫀꪶꪶꪑꪮᜰꫀꪶꪶꪑꪮVor Monat
  • This is not 1000ks.Acceleration is not good enought.I sorry but I have car with 750ks stage 2 and I know what I talking about.🇭🇷

    RojcRojcVor Monat
  • what a job this guy haves damnn ...

    JhonDiick 420JhonDiick 420Vor Monat
  • 1:10 how dare you XD

    M GM GVor Monat
  • Nah Plaid beats this

    Matthe van DaalenMatthe van DaalenVor Monat
  • i can not imagine having your left elbow on the window ledge like that being comfortable, it's just an ego thing.

    oledilepoledilepVor Monat
  • also wenn schon 1000 PS unterm Hintern für ne Videoshow-Fahrt....dann doch bitte um eine Uhrzeit und Strecke, wo es sich auch lohnt den Hobel auszufahren

    Oliver KastnerOliver KastnerVor Monat
  • 120 looked like standing still :D

    Pablo EscobarPablo EscobarVor Monat
  • 제로백 14초쯤되네 내센슈보다 구리누ㅋㅋ

    황규연황규연Vor Monat
  • De belles accélérations avec cette M5

    Ceci est bien plus Que celaCeci est bien plus Que celaVor Monat
  • Короче...выжал 310

    Stary mangustStary mangustVor Monat
  • Completely inappropriate doing this on a two lane autobahn with all the slow trucks around (obviously not even waited until sunday) and with those kind of gloves and the Manta style ellbow. 🤦 Seriously, those cars are built for the race track. Next time do this on Nürburgring. It's a lot more fun and a lot more challenge than sprinting like crazy in one direction. And it could save some lifes.

    Johnny JohnsonJohnny JohnsonVor Monat
  • Wish my E90 M5 could scoot like that! Badazz ride!

    Kurt JohnsonKurt JohnsonVor Monat
  • She picks up and goes. Very nice.

    thegatesofsleepthegatesofsleepVor Monat
  • Ну валит но не хуракан

    Sani KrainerSani KrainerVor Monat
  • 1:15 soon as I heard that rev and it started popping I smashed that thumbs up button

    ThematrixThematrixVor Monat
  • Two unskippable ads -.-

    TemprestTemprestVor Monat
  • richtig unverantwortlich, wie du fährst. irgendwann geht's mal schief

    MaxAlexMaxAlexVor Monat
  • Auspuff scheppert lächerlich

    Walter LichterWalter LichterVor Monat
  • Driving like a macho with his elbow on the door, in a car that isn’t yours.. 👎🏼

    Col1nssCol1nssVor Monat
  • Bullet on wheels

    antartika2000antartika2000Vor Monat
  • ADOKVA YOU THE BEST reviewer 👍

    Уважаемый ЧеловекУважаемый ЧеловекVor Monat
  • elbow on top of the doorpanel. greate to react for some tricky situations on street. second seatpositon of an bmw fanboy, lefthand on top the steeringwheel.

    SimRigRacingSimRigRacingVor Monat
  • Please turn off the Caps Lock! Thanks You!

    BB4ND3j DJBB4ND3j DJVor Monat
  • I dont give a shit for " german " cars . You can Say what you want ...,...................!

    jcf ferreiraalfredojcf ferreiraalfredoVor Monat
  • mhhhh what a beauty 😍

    Dreddy DDreddy DVor Monat
  • Another crap from BMW. Haha it is so sensitive that you have to wear gloves. Haha.

    adrian xxxxadrian xxxxVor Monat
  • weiße-handschuhe---karre-geklaut!???

    Markus MenchenMarkus MenchenVor Monat
  • Wegen so Leuten wie dir wollen viele eine Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung

    L4ndk3ksL4ndk3ksVor Monat
  • Wow, does not even follow the traffic rules

    L4ndk3ksL4ndk3ksVor Monat
  • Down syndrom car Hate BMW most shit ever

    Sergio AgueroSergio AgueroVor Monat
  • the car has no indicators.... strange!

    ell tellell tellVor Monat
  • This dude has a death wish

    Michael AMichael AVor Monat
  • So that was you!Not once did you check your mirror! My Golf GTi (Stage 1) was on your tail the whole time, just flashing for the pass - remember share the road! ;-)

    JakobusVdLJakobusVdLVor Monat
  • Omg that elbow on the dor gives me anxiety , don't drive like that when u showing a car

    Guilherme MoreiraGuilherme MoreiraVor Monat
    • It gives better control of the car didn't you know

      V8V8Vor 29 Tage
  • Wow that brake from 240 - 110

    F MF MVor Monat
  • Nice car, but man, is yournleft elbo comfortable?

    Ysbrand WestraYsbrand WestraVor Monat
  • 🚀🚀🚀🚀

    Ringo CaoRingo CaoVor Monat
  • Unbelievable 😉

    Psychologist ManPsychologist ManVor Monat
  • New driving gloves?

    Simon ChurchSimon ChurchVor Monat